Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand in Palermo

The reliability of a group, leader for logistics and transport

Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand works on the regional, national and international territory, putting its competence at disposal of the private citizens, companies and public institutions. The company provides transport and movement of goods, offering its own experience to gallery owners and museums too, for moving their artworks.

Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand in Palermo offers a variegated range of services, able to give efficient and competent answers to a great number of needs. The company is a reliable partner for the companies, organising with accuracy the transport of papers or wares, placing side by side the realities and the searching of a temporary warehouse for the storage of various goods. The private citizen too can trust in the services that are offered by the society, having the warranty of a perfect management of the removals or other needs.

Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand guarantees personalized solutions for each customer, proposed at the right market price. The company has been for more than fifty years a landmark for the transports in all the national territory and abroad too, offering personalized logistic solutions, that are managed with efficiency and punctuality thanks to the high level of organization of the operative methods and to the availability of a big vehicle fleet.

Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand founds its work on the experience and professionality, guaranteeing the best quality/price ratio for advanced technological solutions and advanced packaging, thanks to them, it’s possible to offer the customer a complete warranty of the service quality.
For more than half a century Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand in Palermo: franchising to a leader group in the field allows to express the biggest quality level in the management of the transport and logistic services. The company is carefully structured in order to offer personalized services, to manage with the greatest care the transport of goods or personal effects and to make removals in few time, guaranteeing the total safety of the goods that are moved. On demand, it’s possible to rent ladder-tracks or vans of various dimensions thanks to the wide range of services at disposal of the building business, interior designers, furniture makers and private citizens with the possibility of choosing the most suitable mean of transport for any need.