Certificazioni e assicurazione danni

Satellite traceability and all risks coverage

Confiding in Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand means having a complete guarantee for the correct management, movement and storage of the wares. The company works following the greatest standards in the field, in the services of the integrated logistic, thanks to the franchising to the Gondrand group, that has qualified the work of the society for more than fifty years, offering a total safety level to the customer. Each phase of the logistic program, from the beginning of the wares management with advanced control and labelling system to the shipping, is organized with optimized systems that allow to trace the goods in any moment. An important advantage for companies or private citizens who choose to trust in the company for the management of the removal services and the safekeeping of their own goods. Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand offers the signature of an insurance for removal in Palermo, protecting the customer for any kind of event.

The company works with advanced software for the satellite traceability that allows to map continuously the movement of the takenin charge goods. The vehicles that are used by Mangano Removal Gondrand Dealer are equipped with tracking systems that guarantee the traceability of the goods 24 hours a day. The satellite traceability system covers the expedition services by air or by sea too. To increase the protection of the customer are also proposed different solutions for the insurance coverage of the wares. Thanks to the advices offered by the company, each customer can use personalized systems for the management of the goods and for the removal insurance in Palermo. The highest protection degree is offered by the insurance ALL RISK, that offers a total coverage level: signing this system it’s possible to put your wares under cover from any event or unexpected accident, keeping calm and relaxed even in case of precious goods. His type of insurance guarantees the reimbursement for any kind of event, included armed robbery or vehicle damage. Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand is at disposal of the customer to value the costs of the insurance coverage, that vary depending on the value or type of ware, on the itinerary and the used means of transport, but also on the storage charges and the destination.