Quality certifications

Specialized transport services and personalized insurance coverage

Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand has enjoyed for more than fifty years the trust of its customers, constantly renewed, thanks to the attention in furnishing an excellent and cheap service. An important factor of its reliability is its membership to the Gondrand group, worldwide leader in the logistic services that ensures the supply of the optimized services to offer the greatest guarantee and protection to the customer. The customer’s satisfaction is at the first place, as the many certifications that Gondrand has acquired over the years, transferring its know howand its global experience to the dealers that, like Mangano Removals, contribute every day in confirming this level of excellence. The Gondrand certifications are another proof of the seriousness and competence of the services that are offered by the company, that support every day the private customers in their needs about transport, expedition and management of wares and personal goods.

TheGondrand certifications certify the high level of company specialization and include:

  • SINCET/DNV certified system of the management for the quality ISO9001HACCP – for the movement and the storage of the food
  • ADR for the movement and the storage of ADR material

The group is also affiliate to the following associations
  • IELA International Association of the logistic for Fairs
  • IATA International Association for Transports by Air 
  • ICEFAT International Association for Transport carriers of Shows and Fine arts

The Gondrand net guarantees the highest competence in the expeditions and staging of trade show stands, having a professional team for the installation of any technical aspect, linked to the staging project. The coordination of the service is guaranteed by the capillar distribution of the Gondrand dealers and by the presence of correspondents on-site to manage in the best way every aspect of the wares expedition and storage in every place of destination. This level of efficiency expands to the transports on the road, maritime or by air with courier service, personalized insurance coverture systems, careful management of the customs procedures for the countries outside UE and the guarantee of punctual deliveries. Thanks to its efficient vehicles fleet and a highly specialized service, it’s possible to guarantee personalized transport solutions and the supply of special and guaranteed package.