Vehicle renting

Vans, platforms for removal and ladder-trucks

Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand puts at disposal of companies and private citizens its vehicles fleet and its experience in the field of logistic and transport, offering the vehicles renting in Palermo. The renting service is carefully organized to meet the various needs, offering solutions and vehicles for every kind of customer. Thanks to the wide vehicle fleet, managed by Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand, the company can support building companies, private citizens, interior designers, furniture-makers, in their needs of moving wages and voluminous materials. The staff is at disposal to help the customer in the choice of the best option for the required intervention and to find the best quality/price ratio in the field of vehicles ranting in Palermo. Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand assures the presence of a qualified member of the staff on the working place. After the survey of the place, he takes in charge the management of the town procedures, taking care of the steps of the work, including the placement of the street signage.

Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand proposes the renting of various vans with different charge capacity and dimensions and the possibility to use some platforms for the removal. Besides it offers the service of renting of ladder trucks till 56 metres of height with a driver, characterized by different dimensions and sizes depending on the kind of the material that has to be moved and on the configuration of the place. The company has a wide range of elevators to allow the services at different height. The staff is at disposal of the customer to help him in the choice of the most indicated elevator to work in the intervention place. Once selected, the company staff works for the transport to the place.
The intervention is totally done in safety, thanks to the experience and the professionality of the workers who have to drive the ladder-trucks, equipped with driver and cabin. For the removing services, the company takes advantage from a prepared staff, making free surveys in order to value the degree of complexity of the intervention and deciding the exact number of vehicles and workers that can be necessary.