Ware safekeeping and storage

Integrated services for the transportation and storage of goods

Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand is proud of its more than half a century membership to the Gondrand network: an important reference that is a warranty for the customer of the highest quality standard in the management of the services of logistic in Palermo. The company benefits from the constant trust of its own customers thanks to the versatility of the offered performances and of the accuracy that permit the management of any kind of need, even in the field of storage and safekeeping services. The ware safekeeping service is organized in order to satisfy all the needs of the companies or private citizens, guaranteeing, at accessible prices, the availability of a temporary warehouse for the various goods. The service also offers an important help to the private citizens who want to lay down temporary their furniture or other voluminous objects in a safe place during the restoration or building works of their own house, being sure of an accurate management that guarantees the constant protection of the goods and a perfect conservation of the objects.
To satisfy this wide range of needs, Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand joins the services of logistic in Palermo with the management of covered warehouses, organised in order to guarantee the highest efficiency and a total safety level.

The presence of warehouses, submitted to a constant control allows the staff to work with competence in the integrated logistic services, offering quick solutions for the management of the goods and their storage in safe warehouses, waiting to be transported or sent in Italy or abroad. The companies has advanced equipment for the charge or the unloading of the goods, reducing the management times of the storage activities. The working processes of the company are inspired to a total quality concept, based on an optimized lean management of the different phases of the process. The excellence of the management processing reflects positively on the service costs, offering the opportunity to get the most efficient service at the lowest market costs to the customer of Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand.