Vehicles in Palermo


Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand has a wide vehicles fleet in Palermo for the efficient management of any kind of work in the field of national and international transports and removal service for private citizens or companies. The franchising to the Gondrand net allows to cover any kind of solution concerning the wares transport, guaranteeing a rapid work and sure deliveries. Thanks to the high level of logistic coordination, helped by the presence of the group in the largest airport cities and by the high degree of territorial presence, guaranteed by offices and on-site correspondents all over Europe and in various overseas countries, the company works with the greatest safety to guarantee a complete serenity to the customer.

Traslochi Mangano Concessionario Gondrand manages on the road, by sea and by air expeditions all over the world. The company gives a modern vehicles fleet in Palermo, composed by diversified means of transport at disposal of its customers, in order to satisfy all the transport needs.
All the transport means of the company have the certification Euro 4 or Euro5, both in case of gas means for food or natural gas vehicles for food. According to the features of the required intervention by the customer, the company gives a suitable solution that can include complete tractor-trailers, vans and motors, also equipped with hydraulic sideboards and air-conditioning system, means of transport equipped with mechanical suspensions and motors with the driver.
The international transport system are done in collaboration with the best aerial and maritime companies: the net of the group partners guarantees a specialized management and regular expeditions, in the planned times. Each phase of the process engages a high qualified staff that participates in the management of the customs services outside UE too.
The vehicles fleet of the group offers elevated performances and includes means of transport equipped with hydraulic sideboards in order to satisfy any kind of logistic need. The range of offered services includes the possibility to request special packaging services, for all the possible wares. The company is specialized in the logistic services for national and international fairs too.
All the means of transport that are used are equipped with tracking systems for the continuous traceability of the goods and with satellite antitheft alarm to grant a total level of safety, helping to localize in real time the vehicle and intervene if it’s necessary.